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GG Healthworks, Inc. Emoninail – Top Nail Fungus Treatment

Emoninail is a product of GG Healthworks, Inc. gets rid of the fungus, softens the nail, and nourishes the skin as well as the newly growing nail.

Nail fungus is the condition having white or yellow colored spot or patch on the nails. It can affect the legs as well as the hand nails, though it is most common with the toenails. OOverexposureto moist conditions or wearing any infected footwear or someone could easily get you this kind of infection.

EmoniNail is a natural remedy for this condition that relieves the pain and symptoms. It also works to prevent further nail fungal infections as well. Since this infection is staying deeper in the nail bed, you need something that can penetrate deeper to get rid of the fungus and be a successful treatment method. EmoniNail is just the right way to get the treatment. It is natural and is quite effective in treating the deeper infections.

What is nail fungal infection?

Athlete’s foot is a common nail fungal infection. These infections are often called as onychomycosis. The fungus needs a moist and warm area and the nail bed makes an ideal bed for them and can easily overpopulate.

The common infecting fungus is the dermatophyte, yeast, and mold. They enter through a crack in the nail when they get too dry and brittle. It is most common among elders as they tend to get the dry and brittle nail making a smooth passage for the fungus.

Reduced blood circulation and a weak immune system also are other causes for the nail fungal infections. Slow growing nails are another risk of getting these kinds of infections. People who sweat profusely, having a history of athlete’s foot, psoriasis, diabetes, blood circulatory disorders are also at risk. Those who are more into pools, gym and in constant contact with water should also be cautious with the nail fungus infection.

Common Symptoms

  • Yellow colored and thickened nails
  • Distorted shape of the nails
  • Darker nail with debris under it
  • Nails would be brittle
  • It can be smelly, painful and itchy as well

EmoniNail For Nail Fungus attack

EmoniNail is a natural remedy for nail fungus attack. This fungal infection has the potential to do permanent damage to the nail when left untreated. Especially for those with other diseases like diabetes and psoriasis, these infections could be persistent. In these cases, you will need a natural remedy rather than overusing the chemical medicines.

With the regular use of EmoniNail, you can get beautiful, healthy, and clear nails. It is made of natural ingredients and is a topical liquid remedy. The liquid formula can easily penetrate deeper into the nail bed and can work from within.

EmoniNail ingredients

EmoniNail is made of 3 ingredients- sunflower seed oil, Tea tree oil and the most important- Undecylenic acid.

  • Undecylenic acid is an organic fatty acid that has anti-fungal property. It is widely used in topical applications for fungal infections. This acid prevents the growth of the fungus on the nail bed. It is considered as one of the most powerful anti-fungal agents. It alters the skin pH preventing the fungal growth.
  • Tea Tree oil is an antimicrobial oil that is effective against fungal growth. It is more effective than clotrimazole in treating nail fungus. The oil carries nourishing nutrients that maintain the skin surrounding the nails. It also helps the other active ingredient to penetrate deeper into the nail layers.
  • Sunflower seed oil is used as a carrying oil that can go deeper into the nail and skin. Sunflower seed oil is one of the commonly used oils for this purpose. Moreover, the oil is rich in vitamins that could nourish the skin cells.

How does EmoniNail work?

The basic work mechanism of EmoniNail is to kill the fungus, clear the yellow keratin, and nourish the nail to look healthier. The essential oils added in the formula helps the formula reach the nail bed easily and effectively. The active ingredient Undecylenic acid and tea Tree oil kill the fungus.

These natural ingredients are non-allergenic and cause no side effects. Instead, they nourish the nail and skin cells to become healthier with the vitamins and other ingredients.

In fact, these 3 ingredients are the most sorted ingredients for any alternative remedy for nail fungus infection. Without these, the nail could become drier and brittle. Instead of getting a healthier looking nail, you might get an unhealthy one.

How to use EmoniNail

Using EmoniNail is easy. It is in liquid form and comes with a brush for easier application. It takes just a few steps for using EmoniNail nail fungus treatment.

  • Step 1 is to cut the excess nail and file it properly. This cuts down the nail mass and allows better penetration of the formula.
  • Step 2 is to clean the affected nail in warm water. This loosens the skin around the nails. You can remove the dead skin cells from around and clean the area as much as possible. Dry the nails properly and completely.
  • Step 3 is to apply the EmoniNail formula. Use the provided brush to apply the liquid on the nail. The liquid should be applied all over the nail with special attention to the front, sides, and the base of the affected nails.

That’s it! Now you just need to allow the liquid to dry. You also need to apply it twice a day until the fungus is completely killed. As the fungus is eliminated, the nail starts getting clearer and healthier. A new nail will grow in the place of the old nail.

Ordering EmoniNail

EmoniNail nail fungus treatment could be bought directly from the manufacturer from their official site. You will get monthly supply, supply to last for 3 or 5 months are also available.

  • One month supply is suitable for those with mild fungal infection. They can eliminate the fungus within a month’s use.
  • The 3 month supply comes with an offer of buy 2 get 1 free. This is ideal for the moderate to severe infections.
  • 5-months supply will get you 5 bottles at the cost of just 3 bottles. The EmoniMail is not a cheap product and is a bit costly. Buying it in more number can get you easy discounts. Moreover, the 5-month supply suits well for the severe and longer lasting infections.

EmoniNail comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t see positive results even after a month’s use, you can have your money refunded. No questions are asked!

EmoniNail Reviews

  • Avi-“I saw a dramatic change in my nails after 2 weeks of usage. The nail started with some redness in the initial days which gradually turned soft and the brittleness was gone within another week. New nail started growing after 6 weeks. I finally got the relief after 15 years of torture.”
  • Mary-“Finally I got the expected results after using 2 bottles of EmoniNail. Now I can safely say that I am free of the nail fungus.”
  • Mickey-“MY husband has been suffering the nail fungus for a few decades. I got this for him and within 2 weeks there were positive changes in his condition. Within a month he had healthier looking nail with less fungus. With another month’s time, his nails were as good as new!”


The nail fungus infections may not be a permanent problem but it can be very stubborn, persistent and resist the treatments. EmoniNail is capable of breaking this jinx and get you healthier looking nail with complete success.

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