Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Reviews

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter

Drive Medical Prowler 3410 Mid-Size 4-Wheel is a mobility scooter that works great to reclaim your freedom and increase your mobility. Often referred to as a power-operated vehicle/ scooter or electric scooter, they are certainly better than a manually operated wheelchair.

Keep reading to know more about Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Reviews, Specifications, Warranty, etc.

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Mobility Scooter

Prowler 3410 is a mid-size 4-wheel scooter that is introduced to make your life comfortable and easier. Its ergonomic design and construction make it best to operate outdoors. This scooter sports a 360-degree swivel Captain’s seat with deep-contoured cushions and back for ultimate support & comfort. It features auto-style seat slides for adjusting seat height and making it easy to move backward or forward. Mobility Scooter comes with a full suspension, pneumatic tires, a high ground clearance, and rugged 4-wheel configuration to drive on any terrain. It allows you to go wherever you want at your speed with a max speed of 7 miles per hour & a 23-mile travel range.

It features some of the standard safety features such as anti-tip wheels, a headlight, rearview mirrors, and turn signals. Nearly everything on this scooter is adjustable – The seat is height and depth adjustable, the padded flip-up armrests are removable and height/width adjustable and the tiller angle is also adjustable. The adjustable tiller angle allows you to sit back and relax in whatever position you feel comfortable while driving. These many wonderful features of Prowler will allow you to travel with class, style, and comfort.

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Features

  • It comes with performance and construction that makes it perfect for outdoor use.
  • Standard foldable and comfortable 360-degree swivel captain’s seat is durable too
  • Captain’s seat swivel and feature a fold-down backrest with 25 degrees of recline and an adjustable height headrest
  • Padded, removable flip-up armrests with adjustable width and angle allow for easy transfers and access.
  • Seats have four height adjustments, from 25″ to 28″.
  • Using the auto-style seat slides, the seat can be moved forward or backward
  • Adjustable angle, delta tiller lets the user position the controls at the most comfortable angle and depth.
  • Ergonomic design and controls make it easy for people with limited strength or dexterity to operate the scooter
  • High ground clearance and pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor travel
  • Anti-tip wheels offer greater safety
  • Additional hand-operated drum brake included which are useful when extra-quick stops are necessary
  • Standard safety features include headlight, horn, turn signals and dual rearview mirrors
  • It comes with Industry-leading 500 lbs weight capacity
  • Batteries and charger included
  • 12-degree maximum incline
  • Full front and rear wheel suspension
  • Large foot space area for more comfort
  • Available in Metallic blue or Metallic Gray color
  • Available with two Seat Width options – 20″ or 22”
  • Comes with industry’s best lifetime warranty

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Benefits

  • It helps you to move freely outdoors and allows you to live the life you desired
  • Drive the Prowler 3410 easily on any terrain – slopes, grass, sand, gravel roads or even uneven terrain
  • Replace the use of a wheelchair, which is still seen by many as a disability.
  • In general, it is more affordable than powered wheelchair

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Specifications

With the below specifications details, this mobility scooter is ready to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Item Number PROWLER3410MG20CS | PROWLER3410MG22CS
HCPCS Code K0899
Caster Wheels (Front and Rear) 12″ x 3.5″ Pneumatic
Climbing Angle 7.5°
Ground Clearance 5″
Motor 24V x 650W x 4500 rpm
Batteries (Pair) 12V X 50 AH
Charger 5A Offboard
Brakes Electromagnetic & Drum
Seat to Floor Height 25″ – 28″
Maximum Range 23 miles
Turning Radius 69″
Dimensions 26″ (W) x 51″ (L)
Seat Type Captain’s
Seat Dimensions 20” (W) x 20” (D) | 22” (W) x 20” (D)
Base Weight 140 lbs.
Battery Weight (pair) 66 lbs
Seat Weight 55 lbs.
Total Weight 261 lbs.
Top Speed 7 mph
Warranty Frame Lifetime
Warranty Other Components 14 months
Weight Capacity 500 lbs.

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Parts and Accessories

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Parts and Accessories are easily available online. Buy Prowler 3410 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Accessories online such as sun shade, captain’s seat cover, drink holder, etc. The following parts make this scooter look appealing and wonderful.

  • Control Panel
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Front Turn Signal
  • Basket
  • Headlight
  • Front Bumper
  • Seat
  • Swivel seat lever and seat release lever
  • Tiller Adjustment Knob
  • Taillight
  • Rear Turn Signal
  • Anti-tip Wheels

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Electronic Controller/ Drive Train Components – 14 Months
  • Batteries – 6 Months

Where to Buy Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter?

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Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Coupon Codes, Promos, and Discounts

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter from Drive Medical Coupon Codes are widely available online. Search for them and you can book the best possible deal.

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Reviews

There are mixed Drive Medical Prowler 3410 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Reviews available online. Some people are very happy to own this Scooter which gives them mobility and freedom to go outdoors. They say this scooter features powerful and strong construction, great battery life and comfortable seat. It has good speed, easy to use even at night and provides a nice smooth ride even on hills. Some people are happy to go out of the house and enjoy the sun again.

Some negative Prowler 3410 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Reviews from users include – some parts are cheaply made, give a rough ride on certain terrains and feel a little heavy on top, making it hard to drive on a hill sideways. Few people think that it is slightly on the expensive side but well worth the extra money. Hence, overall recommendation is to try the product on your own and share your Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Results here.

Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter Testimonials

  • Sharlene loves to use this scooter outside the house. She says it is very useful as now she can enjoy going out to the backyard and enjoy watching the Grandchildren have fun.
  • Mary likes the lights and accessories and says it is truly a wonderful little mobility scooter. She now can go down to the market about a mile down the road without worry. She prefers to ride this scooter more than driving the car.
  • Clinton says this is a very nice little mobility scooter which goes up the hill easily. However, it can give a pretty rough ride if driving on a rough ground. He adds it can also give a smooth ride when needed.
  • Richard’s scooter wrecked into things a few times in his house. He the wide stance to it is good for stability but can cause problems inside if you don’t have much room to navigate.


Can I buy this scooter from Amazon or any other online retailer?

Buy Prowler 3410 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter in Amazon at best discounts and also, avail the benefit of free shipping. This mid-size mobility scooter is also available on eBay and other retail affiliates.

What is the best Prowler 3410 4 Wheel Mid Size Scooter Price?

The best price for Drive Medical Prowler 3410 Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel 20 Inch is $2,599 and 22 inches is $2,699.

What is the maximum weight limit for this scooter?

The maximum weight capacity the Prowler 3410 4-Wheel scooter can handle is 500 pounds.

Can I drive this scooter with only one hand?

Yes, you can use this scooter one-handed too. It features a delta style tiller which makes one-handed steering operation easier.


With its amazing features, specifications, this robust Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter from Drive Medical is all set to provide years of dependable service and safe travel. The Prowler is truly a scooter for people looking to get the best out of life. Your need for mobility, comfort, and practicality is fulfilled by this great mobility scooter that comes at a great price. Buy Prowler 3410 Series 4-Wheel Mid-Size Scooter on sale today and enjoy the freedom to go anywhere on your own.

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