Top 10 Scott Burke Paddle Boards Online- Reviews

Scott Burke 10’6″ Soft Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is one o the most popular sports during the summer. You need the special type of boards called paddle boards or surfboards to let you float over the water while you enjoy the sea or ocean. As you know, there are several varieties of paddle boards that are difficult to choose from.

Each type of paddle board has its specialty and purpose while you are boarded. You need to choose the one that is most apt for your needs, type of activity and the environment.

Paddleboards or surfboards varieties

There are different types of surfboards and each type is suitable for the different skill levels. There are boards for the beginners and then there are those for the experts. One needs to choose the right type depending on their experience to get the best out of the sport.

  • Longboard surfboards: Longboards are for the beginners. This is also the all-around boards used by all. These paddle boards have extra length for the stability as well as the strength to support the less skilled person onboard. These longboards are also used by the intermediates. This is one design that is sure to appeal to all.
  • Shortboard paddleboards: The shortboards are for the experienced surfer. These are high-performance boards with the better ability for maneuvering and for a faster pace. It is highly comfortable for faster turns. Because of the shorter length, it is not the best choice for beginners but is chosen by the experts as well as by the intermediates.
  • Funshape surfboards are the ones that fall in between the long and short boards. It is neither lengthier nor shorter in make and it is usually between 7-8 ft in length. It serves best for the intermediates who want to try the shorter ones but are yet not ready to say goodbye to their longboards. These transitional surfboards are easy for paddling and can maneuver faster like the shortboards.
  • SoftTop paddle boards have the soft top of the board and better suits for the beginners. The soft surface allows comfortable paddling and is available in different materials.
  • Fish surfboards are thicker and wider boards but are smaller in size. This suits for the smaller paddlers and can have extra paddling strength as well. The extra allowance in strength is not compensated by the maneuverability of these boards.

Top 10 Scott Burke paddle boards online

Scott Burke 8’ Soft Surfboard Package

Scott Burke 8’ soft surfboard is a full-length paddle board that has a soft board for comfort. It is made of durable material for obvious reasons and does not get spoiled with water contact. It has a water-resistant coating and made of multilayered manufacture. The paddleboard offers larger volume on the water surface that serves better for buoyancy. It is light weighted and is ideal for wave surfing. The other features of this 8’ soft surfboard are,

  • It is made of heat laminated high-density material with the core being 0100% waterproof.
  • The whole board is 3 layered laminated wood stringers.
  • The bottom of the board is made of high-density polyethylene slick bottom which is again heated laminated. The deck is made of high-density IXPE/XPEGraphic designed.
  • Nylon screws are used for fitting the tri-fin system
  • Surf-leash is provided with the product and is molded with double swivel rail server and a padded ankle strap.
  • There is also the molded-in leash plug for the nylon leash
  • The paddleboard comes with a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • The specifications are that the paddleboard weighs to about 8 pounds in total. The dimensions are 96 x 23 x 3.75 inches in length, width, and thickness.
  • This Scott Burke 8’ Soft surfboard is suitable for beginners and experts. You can also add the surfboard wax as the extra base and top coat for this board.

Scott Burke 5’2” Fish Soft Surfboard

The Scott Burke 5’2” Fish soft paddleboard is the perfect board for experts to have a form but soft board to enjoy on. It also happens to be the cheaper paddle board that has value, quality, and durability. For the expert surfers and for some beginners, you don’t want to invest too much as you will need to have a convenient paddle board once you have had enough enjoyment. They can easily try other boards later on.

This smaller board would serve its purpose but may not be comfortable for the adventurous activities. The shape of this surfboard is apt for the flowing turns and to keep atop the waves while coming down.


This Scott Burke 5’2” Fish soft surfboard is molded with laminated wood stringers. The slick bottom is made of HD polyethylene. There is a tri-fin system provided. The deck skin is made of IXPE/XPE with a polyurethane surf leash. There is also the molded nylon stand up handle with finger grooves for firmness. The product comes with a 30-day warranty.


The weight of this paddle board is 5 pounds with the dimensions being 62 x 22 x 3 inches in length, width, and thickness.

Scott Burke 9’ Stand Up Paddleboard Package

Scott Burke 9’ stand up paddle board is the perfect board for group or family outings. This comes as a package with the board, paddle, roof rack, and leash. The board is 108 inches long, 30 inches wide and 5.5 inches thick.

  • It is made of waterproof material and heat laminated for a finish. It is shaped into the custom molded cone shape.
  • The board is multi-layered with 3 molded in laminated wood stringers. The outer coating is done with a waterproof resin.
  • The bottom of the paddleboard is polyethylene with the upper graphics done in durable heat laminated material.
  • Tri-fin system is included in the package.
  • Surf leash, neoprene padded ankle strap, and nylon leash plug are all included.
  • The stand-up paddle is adjustable with blade shield edges. The paddle can be adjusted from 6’3” to 8’3” and is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon.
  • The stand-up handle has got finger grooves for better grip.
  • Instant padded roof hacks are supplied that allows the board to be strapped easily on to the vehicle top
  • The 9’ stand up paddle board can support the weight is up to 180 pounds onboard.
  • The product comes with a 30-day warranty

Scott Burke 11’ V-Hull Soft Stand Up Paddleboard Package


The 11’ V-Hull soft stand up paddleboard package includes the V-hull board, a paddle, leash, tri-fin set up, and the roof rack for the transportation purpose.


The design of the board is to make it easily cut through the water with enough for greater speed with ease. It can carry up to a weight of 250 pounds and rather stable at that. The whole package comes at a price that usually gets only the board. You will have everything that you need with this package.


The stand-up paddleboard comes with an adjustable paddle that can be used by most people. The length of the paddle can be adjusted from 63 inches to 83 inches. It is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon material. The blade shield makes the board stay durable for longer. There is also a bungee holder on top of the board.


The board is made of a durable and waterproof material on deck as well as the bottom. The material is 3 layered wood stringers that are laminated. Even the graphics on the deck is durable and fine.

The surf leash and ankle straps are made of molded in nylon. The ankle strap is padded for comfort. The SUP handle has finger grooves.

The dimensions of this paddle board are 132 x 30 x 5.8 inches.

Scott Burke 6’2” Soft Surfboard Package

Scott Burke 6’2” soft surfboard package is an economical way to own a longboard for surfing. It is made of durable foam to have the surfer move smoothly through the waves and get better buoyancy. This oblong shaped board gives the effect of a full-length board at a shorter length.

  • Under the soft foam, you will have the waterproof EPC core and heat laminated wood. The slick bottom and deck graphics are all laminated with durable material and made waterproof with resin.
  • Tri-fin system is provided with the needed screws. All the screws are nylon. The surf leash is precision molded with double swivel or rail saver. The ankle strap is padded and made of neoprene. The leash plug is molded-in nylon.
  • The 6’2” surfboard can carry a weight id up to 200 lbs onboard. The dimensions are 74 x 22 x 3 inches. At 6’ length, it may not be the best option for a beginner. A beginner would need a longer board to practice. The longer board would help them gain better stability and it is not sufficient for this length of a board. This paddleboard serves as the intermediates or the experts.

Scott Burke 10’6” Soft Stand up Paddleboard Package with Bungee

This is a larger paddle board with higher weight carrying capacity. This comes as a package with everything you need with a paddle board. There would be a paddle board, a bungee, paddle, surf leash and a roof rack.

  • The unique feature here is the bungee holder that lets you hook up the bungee carrying a cooler, wet pack or the electronics with you. The bungee is completely waterproof and would protect your belongings.
  • The paddle board is a versatile one that is suitable for everyone in the family. The bungee straps hold your carryings in place.
  • The multi-layered paddle board material is completely waterproof from top to bottom.
  • The fin system is made of the fiberglass-nylon combination. The fin is 9”.
  • The board is equipped with a surf leash, padded ankle strap, and a nylon leash plug.
  • The paddle is adjustable and has finger grooves for better grip. The length of the paddle could be adjusted from 6’3 inches to 8’3”. It is made of fiberglass-nylon.
  • The roof rack is padded and is easy to strap on to the vehicle. The roof rack can be used on any vehicle to tie up the paddle board.
  • The weight carrying capacity is 275 pounds maximum. The dimensions would be 126 x 31 x 5.25 inches.

Scott Burke 12’ Epoxy Fiber Glass –Hull Racing Stand Up Paddleboard

The 12’ Epoxy fiberglass paddleboard has better breach through the water and can displace more volume of water. The paddleboard is made with 5 Epoxy coats and 2 layers of fiberglass. The board is also equipped with a bungee cord on both ends for fit in the personal floating device or other necessities onboard.


  • The core of the paddleboard is made of expanded polystyrene with 5 layers of Epoxy and 2 layers of fiberglass over it. The deck is made of EVA traction
  • There is one 10” adjustable fin box. The fin is also a single one but a fairly large at 8”.
  • The bungee cord is provided at both the ends of the board. There is also a carry handle provided in the middle of the bottom part. The surf leash is 10 inches long and is attached to the quick release plug.
  • Paddle and roof rack are not included but sold separately.
  • The board carries a maximum weight of 250 lbs.


The total weight of the paddleboard is 36.3 lbs with the dimensions of 144 x 29.14 x 5.5 inches.

Scott Burke 11’ Epoxy Fiber Glass Trail Stand Up paddle board

The 11’ Epoxy fiberglass trail stand up paddle board from Scott Burke works for the surfing as well as on flat water. This board is made of 5 layers of Epoxy and 2 layers of fiberglass material for the better buoyancy, speed, and maneuvering. The core is made of expanded polystyrene.

  • You can use the tri-fin system for the flat water and the surf leash to glide through the surf. The tri-fin system has a single fin that is 8 inches long and the 2 others side fins that are 3.5 inches.
  • There is one adjustable fin box which is 10 inches and the side fin boxes are 3.5 inches each. The fin system is removable and needs to be used all the time.
  • The deck is attached with a bungee cord to hang the personal belongings and the other needed items.
  • The board is 132 x 30.7 x 4.5 inches in dimensions. It can carry a weight of up to 250 lbs
  • A paddle is not included with the board and needs to be purchased separately.
  • The deck is textured to give better grip over the board and to prevent falling off.
  • It is a fairly large paddle board that is usually shipped in trucks. So make sure that your home is accessible for the truck to have it delivered.

Scott Burke 10’6” SUP/YAK Stand Up Paddleboard and Kayak Package

This is more of a fun package. It has the option to be used as a paddle board or for kayak when feel like. It is a package that includes all that is needed for both these sports. The paddleboard is made to accommodate the seating for kayak and the footwells for the paddle boarding.

  • The provided paddle is two-sided that can be used by both sides and for kayaking as well.
  • The make of the board is heat laminated wood stringers in 3 layers. The core is made of EPS and has the waterproof resin coating all over.
  • The foam seat provided on the board is detachable making it convenient for a paddle board. The seat has foam padding for comfort.
  • There is a wedged traction that serves as the footrest while you paddle along.
  • The total weight is 26 pounds. It is 126 inches long, 31 inches wide and 5.5 inches thick.
  • The board comes with a fin box that is exclusive to the paddleboard. The board cannot accommodate other types of the fin.
  • The weight carrying capacity of Scott Burke 10’6” SUP/YAK stand up paddle board is 275 pounds.

Scott Burke 54” Black Ball Breaker Surfboard

At 4 ½ ft long, the Scott Burke Black Ballbreaker surfboard can break the jinx at many beaches. Beaches, where only surfing and swimming is allowed, can easily accommodate this small board.

  • There are a total of 3 wood stringers that make up this board. The core is made of heat laminated and molded expanded polystyrene.
  • There is a 4 channel bottom with a graphic deck.
  • The paddle leash is provided at one end of the board.
  • The board is shaped like a fish for easy maneuvering and the size helps to keep it low.
  • The product comes with a 30-day warranty and is available at a cheaper rate.
  • This suits best for the intermediates and experts better.

Additional information about Scott Burke paddle boards and surfboards

  • All of the Scott Burke surfboards and paddle boards are widely available online. The shipment happened faster and can be delivered within 3 business days for the fastest shipment.
  • Except for the larger boards, all the boards are FedExed and the larger ones need trucks to carry them.
  • The surfboards are mostly available at a discounted rate when purchased in more than one in number.
  • Scott Burke offers a wider range of paddleboards for you to choose from. It helps you get the right kind of board depending on your experience and skill level.
  • The parent company, California Board Company is famous for the stand up sports goods for a long time. Scott Burke happens to be the brother company of the former that is concentrating on the surfboards and stand up paddle boards.

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